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Diary of an Intuitive by Vera Gibson



Diary of an Intuitive is a unique memoir written in real time.  Prompted by her grandmother's spirit, the author began writing a daily blog documenting spiritual and metaphysical occurences four weeks before the sudden death of her son and his girlfriend. The author continued posting faithfully and this book is based on the first year's worth of entries. The profound insights, images, and experiences she shares are inspirational and thought-provoking. Two prominent themes that emerged early on in the journey were those of Love and Gratitude.     



Diary of an Intuitive is beautifully crafted to replicate a diary with die cut laminated cover, colour images, and transparencies. The cover image shows two of the feathers that fell the day before the accident - two feathers landed at the author's front door and two at the back.  



"Heart-wrenching and heartwarming, an eloquent, deeply meaningful read, leaving a lasting impression. This remarkable book steps bravely into the place that no parent wants to enter. Through a year of tragic loss, Ms. Gibson's memoir allows readers to empathize and understand at an intensely personal level; and for those who are grieving, they will know they are not alone. Ms. Gibson also offers comfort, hope, and peace as through her metaphysical experiences she has validated the home of spirit. No matter where you are in your life's journey, it is impossible not to relate to the words of this unique and thought-provoking book."

- Kelly Oswald, Author of Buddha Nature: Awaken To Your Life, and Your Passion, Your Business


"A wonderful work of love and joy - a precious piece of art for the soul. A truly inspirational book."

- Lynda Selina, Enlighten Spiritual Centre



"These calm reflections by a grieving mother are remarkable in their insight.  They would be of great comfort to a grieving

parent and have much to share with others, too."

- Editorial judge, Benjamin Franklin Awards 2014




"I could identify and sympathize with so much of what was written. The author's words have been comforting - a reminder

to focus on the now, enjoy all life has to offer, and see the positives in experiences."

- Judy Cox



"The writer openly and bravely shares her own deep sorrow along with great joy, through her thoughts, emotions, and insight. She opens a door so that we, the readers, can try to understand what she felt. For me, it was an amazing journey from the heart."

- Mimi Chu


"Raw, real and full of emotion. The book shares many glimpses of eternal love and our connection to the universe."

- Kelly Mackay


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